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Shop Small, Shop Local

Small Business Saturday is just around the corner. And with supply chain issues, there’s never been a better time to shop small and shop local. The past year and a half has been challenging for all of us, especially for small businesses. Many of us have had to get creative - finding new ways of offering our products and experiences just to keep our names in front of customers.

Let’s face it: most of us will spend money this Christmas, many on Black Friday. Speaking as one of Corsicana’s small, local businesses, we’d love for you to consider saving your Christmas funds, skipping Black Friday, and instead shopping locally on Small Business Saturday (either in person or online). Family owned Elsewhere Miniature Farms, C & J Farms, Purdon Groves and others all depend on our community to stay in business.

Still not convinced? Did you know when you buy from a local business, approximately 68 cents on the dollar stays in the community? (According to Amy Hartzler, director of communications for the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies)

Michael and Brandi Moore own Elsewhere Miniature Farms. They raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, using their milk to make high quality moisturizing soaps. The ingredients are all natural, making them great for all skin types. With their daughters’ help, the Moores make everything from scratch in their workshop. You may order their products online at or follow them on social media for more info. They even have next day, local delivery.

C & J Farms, a family owned business, creates fresh, one-of-a-kind seasoning blends that are free of any artificial ingredients or preservatives. They also sell unfiltered, raw honey, with several varieties infused with produce such as peaches, pumpkins or jalapeños. Their products are available online at, in Mita’s and other local outlets. They also offer free local delivery on pre-paid orders of $20 or more. Follow them on social media for more information.

My husband, Houston and I own Purdon Groves, a farm, table, venue and retreat property. We grow hydroponic produce and raise heritage pigs. We host farm to table dinners and private farm tours. Our outdoor venue may be booked for events such as weddings, parties or retreats. And a night in one of our glamping tents allows friends and family to get away from the busyness of their everyday lives to retreat in nature. For more information on Purdon Groves, check us out at or visit our social media pages.

Instead of buying and gifting products manufactured outside of Texas, even outside of the US, this year, how about choosing something local instead? You have the opportunity not only to give a thoughtfully created gift or experience to your loved ones; you can actually help to build our community.

This piece first appeared in the November 23, 2021 edition of the Corsicana Daily Sun, under the title There’s Never Been a Better Reason to Shop Small.

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