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The Farm at Purdon Groves is made up of our hydroponic and dirt farming operations, orchard and livestock. We strive to provide our community with wholesome, chemical free produce and meat - whether that’s for PG farm to table dinners, our CSA program or wholesale and retail customers.


With 16 hydroponic towers, we are able to grow more produce in a smaller space, while using no soil and 90% less water than in traditional farming methods. In our dirt farm, we enjoy experimenting with heirloom varieties of tomatoes, peppers and other fruits and vegetables.


We are breeding our Kunekune pigs to provide a sustainable and healthy protein source, for the farm, as well as the community.

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Book a Private Farm Tour

Bring your family or up to six friends for a Private Farm Tour at Purdon Groves. On this hour long tour, you’ll learn about our hydroponic farming operation and our new peach orchard; feed the pigs; meet the donkeys and see the glamping tent. With more than 21 acres, Purdon Groves is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors while social distancing. Contact us at to book your tour! 

Field Trips at Purdon Groves

If you’re looking for a field trip location, look no further! Included in the excursion is an explanation of our hydroponic and dirt farming operations and a meet and greet with our two Kunekune pigs and guard donkeys. Keep in mind that we can tailor the field trip to the age and ability of your group. Contact us at to schedule your field trip. We look forward to welcoming you to Purdon Groves!

Farm Manager

Emilie Clark

After seven years in the restaurant industry, Emilie was ready to take on a new challenge. She moved to Texas and soon rediscovered her love of nature and adventure, something she’s happy to share at Purdon Groves.


In her role as Farm Manager, Emilie enjoys getting her hands dirty, planting and harvesting, whether it’s in our dirt or hydroponic garden. She’s excited to be able to share what she’s grown with local chefs and all who value fresh, local, chemical free produce.

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