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Love Notes

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You sure have something special here. Can’t imagine a better way to have spent my daughter’s 10th birthday! It warms my heart that she is starting to enjoy the outdoors as much as her daddy! Thank you for being a part of raising my oldest girl and we plan to be back with the whole family soon. Best of luck on your new adventure here with the orchard and livestock.

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Thank you so much for allowing me to take part of your journey by staying in your wonderful glam tent! It truly is an honor that you have shared your vision of this farm with me! I see most amazing opportunities here in this most magical place. I look forward to watching you grow and learn along the way while creating a retreat that so many of us need. Thank you for creating a place for reflection and tranquility… and inspiration. It will be my pleasure to help you in any way I can as your vision for this farm becomes reality. 

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Wow! Is all I can say. You thought of everything when organizing and designing this getaway. It truly is beautiful. Thank you for your hospitality. We look forward to sharing this place with family and friends and coming back in the spring. Pray blessings over this land. 

Glamping is our new favorite thing to do! We are already panning our next visit. 

The Himer Family

This is where I can relax that gives me the freedom to experiment in my work.

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