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Since the middle of March our lives have felt unsettled, strange, and at times very sad. In the midst of this heavy time, though, we’ve experienced great joy working on our farm. Hanging out with silly pigs, harvesting baskets of produce and welcoming guests - albeit from afar - have all given us so much pleasure. Personally, I’ve felt most gratified, however, to know that we’ve played a small part in helping individuals and families make happy memories this summer. 

Experiences and our memories of those experiences combine to create the stories of our lives. As a writer, I’m passionate about stories and recording them for others. Here’s a snapshot of some of the stories I’ve either witnessed in person or seen through guest’s photos the past few months.

A family celebrated the dad’s graduation from his MBA program by glamping and having a private chef for most of their meals. The young daughter got up close and personal with a guard donkey, gently stroking the donkey’s nose while the animal lay resting on the ground. 

Another family of glampers scheduled a farm tour. Their very shy daughter gathered chicken eggs from the coop to take home for the next morning’s breakfast. 

This past weekend three generations of a family celebrated Father’s Day by glamping for two nights. They even brought everything to have their own private movie night under the stars. 

There have also been individuals and families who have come out for private farm tours. While I’ve harvested produce for them from the hydroponic towers, Houston has explained how this method of farming works. 

We’ve also had the good fortune this summer to have three college guys volunteer to work at the farm. They drive from Dallas every Friday and help us get projects done that would take eons if we were doing them on our own. Sometimes they go home with fresh produce, but they always go home with our undying thanks for help with projects we would be hard pressed to do on our own. 

Families connecting while roasting marshmallows over a fire pit… Couples getting away from the city to spend quiet, quality time together… Individuals learning more about alternative farming practices… Young children feeding pigs and donkeys from their hands...

The fact that we get to provide a place where people can have these experiences and create these memories is something I hope we never take for granted. 

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