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Fun on the Farm

Last Saturday we tried something new on the farm: we hosted a morning of yoga and coffee. The people, the weather and our animals combined to make it one of the most unique experiences we’ve ever had on our property. 

Our partners for the event, Melinda and Josh Grace from Self Revolution Yoga and Ashlee Freese of Warm and Golden Coffee, as well as every participant, contributed to the morning’s success. Melinda and I had been talking for a while about hosting a yoga class or retreat on the farm. One Wednesday evening after her restorative yoga class she suggested a “bend and brew.” I immediately latched onto the idea, having already met with Ashlee to brainstorm how we could bring her mobile coffee business to the farm. 

Some of the guests who came for our inaugural Bend and Brew were regular participants in Melinda and Josh’s class, so they were locals. But glampers from Allen also reserved spots and strolled over from their tent with their yoga mats. The majority of those who came were folks who’d never been to our farm. 

The weather was pretty perfect too. Who didn’t enjoy the first day that truly felt like fall in our part of Texas? The temperature was hovering right around 57 degrees when guests began to arrive - a full 50 degrees less than one of our hottest days a month ago. The sun was out and the sky was blue with a smattering of wispy white clouds. It started out chilly and breezy, but soon the wind calmed and the warmth of the sun allowed people to remove their top layers. 

The animals also showed up for yoga. Samson, our Great Pyrenees livestock guardian, posted himself on the ground next to the other yogis. Before Melinda began the session he warmed up with poses of his own. 

Meanwhile, our resident rascal donkey, Ollie, found an empty yoga mat someone had left to hold their place. Ever curious, he picked it up between his lips and would have taken off with it if Josh and I hadn’t intervened. None of Ollie’s merry band joined him. Donkeys Daphne and Effie, along with sidekick Pru the sheep, kept a distance of at least 200 yards, as if waiting on Ollie’s report. 

Then, when guests were transitioning into the final pose of the class - Shavasana, a time of relaxation - Ollie began to bray LOUDLY on the perimeter of the outdoor venue, leading our glamper and yoga participant Jay to dub the event Bend, Brew and Bray. 

After yoga guests enjoyed a variety of delicious drinks from Warm and Golden. And many stayed for a farm tour led by my husband Houston. After such a fun morning, we quickly decided to make this a recurring event at the farm. Cheers to trying new things!

This piece first appeared in Sherry’s column, Finding Myself in a Small Town, in the October 14, 2023 edition of the Corsicana Daily Sun.

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