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Dressing the part

The past week served as a great reminder of the importance of dressing the part. Much like an actor with his/her costume and props, I’m learning that as long as I have the right gear, I can manage in most any situation - no matter the weather or the task.

We’ve all been there - not wearing the right clothes or having appropriate gear for the job we’re doing. Working outside, I would argue, makes it doubly important to choose wisely when dressing and selecting accessories.

A good quality rain jacket with a hood is a necessity on the farm. An umbrella isn’t practical when you’re using your hands to complete a task. A bonus is that you’re able to wipe off the fabric of a jacket.

During rainy weather, rubber boots are an item I never want to be without. Mine have a lambswool insole. In snow and freezing temperatures I switch it up to snow boots. To make the insides toasty warm, I just heat up a couple of old, reusable flaxseed eye packs in the microwave and throw them inside the boots for a few minutes. Trust me: it’s a game changer if you struggle at all with cold feet.

My multi tool has proven invaluable. I try never to be without it. Here are just a few ways I’ve used the tool: the scissors to cut threads when making repairs; the Phillips head to tighten a loose screw; and the knife to scrape dried mud off a rug before vacuuming.

A headlamp is the newest addition to my farm bag. I’ve borrowed Houston’s before, but now that we live on the property, I have my own. Taking an item to a guest after dark is a breeze. The lamp’s wide arc gives me a large, clear path of vision. I love that I can walk around anytime day or night with ease. There’s almost no light pollution on our farm, so the headlamp has been amazing.

Dressing the part helps me feel confident in the role I’m currently playing. When at the farm, I can splash in mud puddles with our granddaughter; gather eggs in the rain; feed the animals late at night.

When I go into town to meet friends for lunch or to write at my favorite coffee shop, I usually dress up a bit. I try to wear nicer clothes, a Stetson and some jewelry and makeup. It helps me to switch gears mentally.

How about you? How do your clothes, accessories and tools help you in your work, play and in between times?

This piece first appeared in Sherry’s column, Finding Myself in a Small Town, in the November 12, 2022 edition of the Corsicana Daily Sun.

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