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I believe God puts people in our lives to show us a different way of doing things. When we embrace their presence and their unique abilities, we not only stretch and grow, we are blessed.

My beautiful and wildly creative daughter-in-law Yessika has been one of those people for me.

She is one of those artists who exemplifies the idiom “necessity is the mother of invention.” She gets the very best deals on almost anything she buys, sourcing vintage and boho inspired items for her one-of-a-kind pieces and spaces. Her art takes the form of custom beaded jewelry and interior decorating. She also buys and sells vintage clothing and housewares.

She has a great eye. And while we don’t have the same style, Yessika and I are learning to work together in a way that I think provides some unique environments for our guests at Purdon Groves. She’s created three spaces on the property that people are finding warm, inviting and truly special.

Last summer she restyled one of our safari tents, calling it Sagebrush. A soft sage green rug and Moroccan-inspired lighting, along with Texas accents give the space an eclectic vibe that our guests have loved.

Then, just this week, she and our son McClendon (Mac) finished our bathhouse. Guests this weekend will be treated to an earthy terra-cotta tile floor, plaster walls and a subway tile shower. Yessika sourced the high-end vanity from a discount furniture store in Waco, saving us hundreds of dollars. The space is now something completely unexpected in a glamping property. As the client, I couldn’t be happier!

And beginning next weekend guests will have the opportunity to stay in Yessika and Mac’s skoolie. Their 40 foot school bus conversion is a showcase for Yessika’s style and Mac’s craftsmanship. Four years ago they bought the bus, took out the seats and proceeded to make it into their home. The fish scale tile in the shower and the fully functioning, but cozy kitchen are two of my favorite things about the space.

It’s been almost a year since the couple moved here from California. During that time, I’ve begun to let go of some things that I’ve had control over on our farm. For me, it sometimes takes either being too busy, too sick or simply unavailable to realize that I can’t do everything and there are people who can improve on what I’ve begun. I’m so grateful for Yessika and the way she’s stepped up to put her mark on our property.

This piece first appeared in Sherry’s column, Finding Myself in a Small Town, in the February 19, 2023 edition of the Corsicana Daily Sun.

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