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The Journey

Glimpsing fields of wildflowers this week while driving back and forth to the farm brought back memories of April 16, 2017.

Tomorrow will mark six years since we first saw our property. After turning onto a gravel road, we took in cows grazing in fields of bluebonnets. The mamas and their babies munched, sometimes lazily looking up at us and other times not. Then the last half mile or so, a canopy of trees enveloped us, leading us to the land we would soon fall in love with.

I was reminded this week that the path that leads us to places - and experiences - inspires us to open our eyes to the possibility of beauty and adventure where we’re going. It sets the tone. And just as the beauty of the drive to our acreage drew us in and set us up for what we’d see when we arrived, there are other similar examples all around us.

One is the new plant shop in downtown Corsicana. Paula at Properly Planted has created an entrance that is equally inviting and magical. Live plants welcome you as you enter the door. Then as you wander further into the shop (much like a winding garden path), you are greeted by the proprietor who makes the thought of owning a plant, well, approachable. Her welcoming demeanor pulls you in and makes you think all things are possible when it comes to plants. But it’s the approach that starts that way of thinking.

My friend Patricia’s Gallery Wah-Wah is another place that gives people an inkling of what they’ll see inside. Passersby can view portions of art exhibits from outside the pane glass windows, but it’s passing through the doors of the space that allow them to take in the full import of what’s there.

The same could be said for another downtown Corsicana business, Victorian Sample Florist. Tom’s ethereal window displays of his floral and jewelry creations are to some what a candy store is to a child.

I love that our curiosity can be piqued and our imagination can be inspired simply by taking in the approach. However, that’s only the beginning of the journey. I think what we do after that is the most important. Taking the next step, either through a door, or in our case driving just a bit further down the road, is where the real adventure takes place.

This piece first appeared in Sherry’s column, Finding Myself in a Small Town, in the April 15, 2023 edition of the Corsicana Daily Sun.

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