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Roe, Samson’s Best Friend

When our son McClendon (Mac) and daughter-in-law Yessika moved here in March, 2022, our farm not only gained two new human residents, but also a livestock guardian dog (LGD) companion for Samson. We were excited that our Great Pyrenees livestock guardian would have a buddy close to his own size. Roe was a puppy at the time, a Border Collie/Leonberger mix. Think tall Border Collie with a long coat and you get an idea of what Roe looks like. He has one bent ear, typical of that breed as well. To me, it’s one of his most endearing features. 

Samson is a very chill dog (unless you’re a coyote or some other unwelcome guest) and gets along with every dog he meets, so there was never a concern about he and Roe not hitting it off. In fact, they’ve formed a great partnership. One of the first things I see when I let our (mostly) indoor dogs out each morning is Samson and Roe lying out in the area between our home and Mac and Yessika’s. These best friends have just finished up the night shift - keeping everyone on the farm safe and sound. Samson will soon be headed to his cool sleeping spot underneath Mac and Yessika’s school bus tiny home (skoolie). Roe might join him, or may decide to play with the other pups for a while before taking a nap himself.

For the past three years our guests have raved about Samson in their online reviews and in our guestbook. He regularly sleeps on their deck, keeping an eye out for them. Like Sam, Roe often trots over to meet our guests. And he’s not averse to enjoying a few bites of grilled steak or burgers if they’re in a sharing mood. 

When we don’t have guests on the property, Winnie (our eight month old Boxer mix) and our four year old “East Texas mutt” Dewey play with the two big boys. Winnie especially loves Roe. As the youngest dogs on the farm, their energy is very similar. Wrestling matches inevitably ensue.

We love having Roe (and his parents) on the farm - for however long they decide to live here. It’s great having our kids nearby. Roe is an added bonus!

This piece first appeared in Sherry’s column, Finding Myself in a Small Town, in the July 29, 2023 edition of the Corsicana Daily Sun.

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