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Every so often my husband Houston has to remind me that most of life is lived in the interim. This has been especially true these last several months.

In late June we moved out of a loft in historic downtown Corsicana and onto our property full-time. While we plan to build a home on our land one day, we’ve been living in an RV since moving to the farm. For several months we were in a friend’s small camper. Then in January we decided to buy a much larger fifth wheel RV. We made a conscious choice to invest in the infrastructure and development of the property rather than in a permanent structure. Our thought was that doing these things will improve the property and thereby increase revenue through more bookings for glamping and other events.

There has been a cost, though. I feel very unsettled. How do I function when I’m not exactly where I want to be - physically or mentally - when everything seems to be in a state of flux? While I’m making plans for the future, how do I find contentment in the present?

What I’m realizing is that while I’m in this nebulous space of the interim, it’s important for me to build routines. Practicing good self-care and making my temporary home more “homey” are just two things I’m trying to focus on.

For me, self-care looks like meeting a friend in town for coffee or a walk and a chat, going on a solo day trip to Waco or doing my nails. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take up a great deal of time. It just needs to be something I do for me.

And just this week our painter is finishing up the interior of our RV. Most recreational vehicles are designed in various shades of brown. That doesn’t scream “home” to me. You’ll probably never have a reason to do this, but if you search on Pinterest for RV remodels you’ll find whitewashed interiors with a modern farm feel. That’s basically what we’re creating. All walls and the ceiling will be white, as well as upper cabinets in the kitchen and living room. Lower cabinets will be a deep blue. Next will come adding some of the artwork we’ve had stored at a friend’s. Even though this may not be our permanent home, it can offer a fresh and tranquil space in the meantime.

We kid ourselves waiting and wishing for the future or, God forbid, the past. Instead, I’m finally realizing that most of life is lived in the interim. Refusing to accept this - as I’ve been doing - is at least delusional, and at its worst a travesty.

What if - bear with me - the interim is THE place to be? The place where we learn and grow the most? The place where we meet people we never thought we’d meet? The place where we ultimately thrive? Food for thought.

This piece first appeared in Sherry’s column, Finding Myself in a Small Town, in the April 8, 2023 edition of the Corsicana Daily Sun.

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