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Tower Gardens Growing Systems

We invite you to plan your next wedding, reunion or other gathering at Purdon Groves. Our 22 acres provide a variety of areas that we like to call “rooms.” They consist of groves of trees, a wide open pasture or a blending of the two aesthetics. Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll guide you. You do the planning and we’ll provide the beautiful backdrop!

Our long term plans include a modern venue, along with micro homes, which will be available to rent. We believe the steel, glass and concrete elements of these structures will provide a great juxtaposition with the natural elements of the country. All future structures are designed to be sustainable, with plans for using solar and geothermal energy and capturing rainwater. After completing initial infrastructure at Purdon Groves - road, electricity, water - we plan to build our first structure: a pavilion.


Special thanks to our architect, Andrew Barnes, and our videographer, Andrew Holzschuh, for helping us share our vision for Purdon Groves.

let us provide a beautiful backdrop for your next event