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We believe the simple act of being in nature, away from distractions of everyday life, stirs a person's senses and inspirers creativity. We are excited to provide those kinds of opportunities for the artists and others seeking to retreat. So whether your purpose is to create, connect or to just disengage and have time for quiet.  The Retreat at Purdon Groves is for you.
As an artist, you may engage in the creative process, either independently or collectively, in a natural setting. After working the farm in the morning, you'll be free to practice your craft for the rest of the day.

For families and friends retreating together, you'll have uninterrupted time to connect with those you love. For individuals wanting to spend time alone, Purdon Groves will allow you the time and space to do that.

Your fully outfitted Bell Tent welcomes you upon arrival at Purdon Groves. Some people call it “glamping” (glamorous camping), and it definitely is that. Think a spacious, safari tent, with comfortable bedding, rugs and the things you’d expect in a nice hotel room, including A/C or heat (depending on the weather), with  nature right outside your door. Your accommodations include:
  • Memory foam mattress and all bed linens
  • Refrigerator for any special snacks/drinks you want to bring
  • Thirteen gallon stainless steel water cooler
  • Drink station with coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Solo Stove (tm)  campfire
  • Sun shower (available during warm weather), plush towels, body wipes and natural toiletries
  • Composting toilet
While you’re at Purdon Groves, we hope you'll relax in a hammock, sit by the campfire, walk through the pecan groves or just hang out in your peaceful lodging. Take a few minutes to fish in the pond, swing under the oaks or play lawn games. The important thing is that you retreat from the busyness of your everyday life and enjoy a sense of renewal and refreshment.

Our desire is to handcraft an experience for you‍‍

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