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The People We Meet

Each week my husband Houston and I get to meet a wide variety of people on our farm. Guests of all ages and backgrounds visit us for our Retreat Experience - individuals wanting to spend time alone; couples getting away for a night or a weekend; and families showing their kids the benefits of being in nature. 

Some are “outdoorsy” and have done a lot of camping. Others have never slept in a tent, but are willing to give glamping a try. They know they’ll have a comfortable bed and temperature controls inside their tent, not to mention access to a proper restroom. We meet animal lovers and others who are unsure if they want to have a close encounter with a really big livestock guardian dog or a curious, free-roaming donkey

Before they arrive, I reach out to each guest with last minute check in info. Often we’ve already communicated, either on the phone or by email, about what to expect during their stay. On arrival, either Houston or I, or most often both of us, make a point of welcoming them in person. Sometimes people just want to say a quick hello, but most want some level of interaction. This is especially true when Houston leads them on a private farm tour. 

Two weeks ago we had a family visiting from out of state. They had flown into Dallas and were on their way south to see family. Our property was on the way and they booked a night with us. The daughters helped Houston feed animals before checking out.

That same weekend family members who live hours apart met roughly halfway at our place and shared a tent. I got to hear their story of growing up on a farm, about the animals they had, and what they miss most about that life.

Last year a woman from Dallas came out with her dog one weekend and ended up being the only person on the property. She came back a few months later with friends, each booking their own tent. They were the only ones on the farm that weekend, enjoying meals together and their privacy at night.

We have a family from a few hours south that comes regularly. They’ve stayed with us several times and have become friends. 

One local woman booked a slumber party for her daughter. Months later she called on a Friday night, saying she and her husband desperately needed a night away, and booked for the following night.

The hospitality side of our business is my favorite part of what we do. Sure, not everyone will be thrilled with their experience, but for most of them, they leave with promises to return. And many of them do. Last month a family stayed, and before they even made it home, booked reservations for two tents next month. 

This piece first appeared in Sherry’s column, Finding Myself in a Small Town, in the November 18, 2023 edition of the Corsicana Daily Sun.

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