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Master Beekeeper - The Early Years

Houston Clark, August 13 2018

Master Beekeeper, Roosevelt, didn't set out to work with honeybees. He graduated from high school in Brenham, Texas, in 1964, and stayed close to home, helping his dad out on the family farm. Then one day, two years later, Roosevelt's dad asked, "Buddy, reckon you're going to want to branch out on your own and start your own family?" So began his j...

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Purdon Groves - It's Not Just for Creatives!

Houston Clark, July 31 2018

Houston and I love telling all kinds of creative people about Purdon Groves - how we're building a place where people will be inspired to connect, celebrate, reflect and create. But this opportunity isn't just for artistic types. Face it: we all need to occasionally step out of our normal routines. Just being in nature, away from our everyday lives...

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The Move

Houston Clark, July 23 2018

We moved this past week. Actually, we're still moving. I've learned that moving doesn't get any easier the older you get. With a busy life, filled with change - in our case, good change - moving just gets more complicated. Our move to a loft at the Dallas Farmers Market (DFM) was strategic and providential.

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Purdon Groves at the Loft

Houston Clark, July 10 2018

The room was filled with painters, printmakers, actors, videographers, musicians, producers, directors, architects, interior designers, a gallery owner and even a psychiatrist who's a supporter of the arts. Sunday evening marked our first official Purdon Groves' event. Our desire was to show some love to people who give of themselves - mentally, em...

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One Great Intern

Houston Clark, July 2 2018

Purdon Groves' Intern, Kendall Leggett, dreams of having her own self-sustaining homestead, where she lives off the grid. And after spending a week with her, we wouldn't be at all surprised to see her achieve that dream. From the time she was a young child, Kendall loved the idea of putting a tiny seed in the ground and watching it pop up and turn...

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Beekeeping 101 with Roosevelt

Houston Clark, June 28 2018

There are days when you have an experience that lasts a lifetime. Yesterday was one of those days. When we registered for BeeWeaver's Private Lesson with Roosevelt, we had no idea of how impacted and uplifted we'd be. Sure, we expected to be trained on how to set up our hive and retrieve the much loved honey. But we headed back to Purdon Groves (PG...

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Garden 2.0

Houston Clark, June 23 2018

Emilie and Houston tilled the next section of the garden area today, in preparation for our expanding dirt garden (more next week on the veggies we'll be planting). Besides the traditional plantings, we hope to begin our hydroponic operation next month. That will allow us to harvest crops much more frequently. We're looking to grow microgreens, her...

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Houston Clark, June 20 2018

I love how the simple act of being at Purdon Groves is a discovery process. We were walking the property with family today when our neighbors came over for a visit. We let them know that we hope to soon have some friends for them to chat with over the fence line. Until then, we'll enjoy listening to their moos and baas and watching baby lamb grow....

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Our Happy Place

Houston Clark, June 16 2018

We've found our happy place. It's a little more than an hour from our apartment in downtown Dallas. The 22 acres, including pastureland, groves of trees and a pond, have given us lots of opportunities to work, but also provided us with so much enjoyment. Whether we're angling for bass or catfish in the stocked pond, reading a book in one of the ham...

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